How to pull a sim card from an iPhone 4. How to pull a sim card from an iPhone? Where are the slots for SIM on other versions of the iPhone

  1. What to do if the key is lost?
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  7. How to get a sim card from iphone 4?
  8. What to do if the key is lost?
  9. What should be a sim card?
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Calls, messages, Internet - it all depends on this accessory. Therefore, it is important to figure out how to insert a SIM card into an iPhone, pull it out, and what types of cards should be purchased for Apple devices.

Standard SIM is not suitable for current iPhone models - it is too big. You can buy a new one. But it costs money. And if you have some phones on the old map, they need to be transferred. Easier to cut the SIM.

Is one of the first procedures that the user does when buying mobile phone - to activate and configure the new smartphone. To do this, you need to use a tool that is included in the kit, along with the device or some pointed object, such as a needle, earring or paper clip.

This chip can be obtained from your service provider. If you go to the platform, check step by step and find out how to place the chip in or. If you are lost, you can use a paper clip or needle. After buying a new melodrama, you can ask yourself. Otherwise, it should be carefully removed.

The card must be in a special "tray" iPhone. But in older models of the gadget, it can be inside the device. And in order to get it or insert it, you will have to remove the back panel and pull out the battery. Before you open a sim card on an iPhone, you need to know where it is.

Look at the case of the device. The iPhone 4, 5, 6 and SE tray is on the side. In the 3G series - from below. In the closed state, it can be recognized only by the contour and a small hole next to it (it can be used to remove the SIM card).

Reading it, you will understand without risk. When you ask, you must first get the following. Instead of models, instead, at the top. Found a house, you must move the gloves. You will be useful to prevent getting rid of your phone and not scratching it.

What to do if the key is lost?

Clear the map, you still ask. To do this, grab your phone and hold it horizontally. If you use a paper clip before inserting it, you will need to change its shape with your hands so that you can use it.

If there is nothing like this in your device, then the SIM should be inside. To pull it out:

  1. Turn off the device. To do this, hold down the lock button. A red slider appears on the screen. Move it to the side. In some cases, it must be clamped.
  2. Open the back cover of the phone. If it does not detach, then the SIM card should not be inside.
  3. Remove the battery.
  4. There is a SIM card slot. Next to him indicate which side to insert it. On the SIM, they always make an oblique angle so that it can be seen where it is “top”.
  5. It should be placed chip down so that it is adjacent to the contacts of the phone.
  6. “Pull” the SIM out of the slot if you need it. And you can also shove it back.
  7. The card can be secured with a lid. Pry it off with something thin to open.

Here's how to pull a sim card from an iPhone, if it is located in the tray:

When you are ready, more strongly remove the tool to remove or clip in the hole. Grasp and pull it out of the seat. You cannot go wrong, because there is only one verse in the hall. The biggest difference, of course, is the size. Carefully first, then press down until the outlet is raised.

Its use is increasingly growing in modern modern devices . In our article you will learn how and where to get it. And what are the specific conditions of specific operators? However, in practice, it took almost seven years for the new format. However, due to the construction of slots, the advantage is controversial, and often space savings cannot be solved.

However, due to the construction of slots, the advantage is controversial, and often space savings cannot be solved

How to trim

Different models of Apple devices support different SIM formats. You can pull out the tray and see which card is used in your gadget. This should also be stated in the instructions. Or in the device information on the official Apple website.

But did it make any sense or just a complication? Does the operator change or reduce it? Is it possible to return to standard sizes? Below we provide information for each of the Czech operators. For each of them, we detailed the conditions. In particular, many new owners of apple smartphones feel certain difficulties when synchronizing contacts. Let us examine this situation in more detail.

To do this, follow these steps. Toggle the Contacts checkbox to the active position and click “Merge” in the window that appears. Turn on the Contacts switch. Open the Contacts web application. Click “” at the bottom of the screen and select the “New Contact“ option.

A regular SIM card can be cut to Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM, if it has an “elongated” chip. With a large square contact, this will not work, since one of its functional parts will be “chopped off”.

All new sim cards have serifs. Just press in the right place to get the Micro or Nano option. Unnecessary plastic just breaks off. If there is nothing similar, it is best to purchase a special set for cutting the SIM card (it is somewhat similar to a stapler). Or take it to the Apple phone store and entrust the work to professionals. If you do it manually, there is a risk of damaging it.

For convenience and speed of action, you can invite someone to help you dictate contact information from your old phone. In the menu on the left, click More. In the More drop-down menu, select Export. In the window that appears, specify the file with contacts loaded in section 8 and click the Select button.

What our customers say about unlocking

If you do not know which option to use, contact us. We will help you choose the right product for your phone. The unlock process can take from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Make sure your phone is unlocked by inserting another SIM card. The current list of supported networks is available at this link. We will deliver the ordered goods directly to the house, at the place of work, at your address, all over Lithuania.

If you decide to cut the SIM card yourself, you will need sharp and durable scissors, a well-sharpened pencil and ruler. In the process, the main thing is not to damage the chip and cut off only the plastic. If you already have a SIM of the right size, just attach both cards to each other and cut off all unnecessary. Or measure the tray. You can also find on the Internet a template with the size of a SIM card and print it on a printer.

Customers in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevezys, Alytus, Marijampolė, Taurage, Telšiai, Utena can choose their preferred delivery time for free. If you have questions about shipping, you can always contact us. All orders on the site are delivered to customers within 2-3 business days.

In exceptional cases, the delivery time may be extended to 14 days, but the person responsible for such an exception is notified by telephone or e-mail . by mail. If you purchased the goods by installments, we will first send you the documents for signing, and after receiving your signed documents, we will send the goods of your choice.

Remember where it has a “corner” (or mark it with a pencil). In a cropped version of it, too, will have to do. Otherwise it will be unclear which side to insert the card.


Micro simka has dimensions 12 × 15 millimeters. To trim it:

  1. Put it on the table so that the chip is on the top right. Before each operation it is better to draw lines with a pencil. They should be drawn parallel to the sides of the chip.
  2. Top cut off part of the card so that there is 1 mm of plastic before contact. Do not touch the chip.
  3. On the right, leave 1.8-2 mm plastic.
  4. You need a rectangle 12 mm high and 15 mm wide. It should be proportional to the map that you have now. Initially, its sides are also different sizes.
  5. Draw lines for the rectangle. Mark where it will be a corner.
  6. "Undercut" is better than "cut." If the SIM is too big, it can be corrected. If it turns out to be too small, it will not fix it.
  7. Now cut your Micro-SIM.
  8. The corner should be cut diagonally (45 degrees). If you do not have a protractor at hand, measure 2.5 mm from the bottom and left of the SIM. Draw lines. Where they intersect with the edges of the sim card, cut a piece. The corner must always be on the same side.
  9. Try inserting the card into the tray.

Micro-SIM is used in iPhone 4 and 4s. Current models are compatible with Nano-SIM.

When choosing a product, always pay attention to the product delivery date indicated in the product description. All products ordered on the website are delivered using courier services, which guarantees fast and high-quality delivery of goods. Upon receipt of the goods from the courier, you must specify the identity of the person specified in the order.

Delivery to Neringa is carried out in accordance with a separate agreement. You can monitor the status of your order by connecting to the website website. If you create an order in your name, but you cannot remove the goods, then, having filled out the Customer's data, in the “Additional Information” field specify the contact details that you authorize to accept your order.


In a miniature SIM, all that remains is a chip and some plastic (to cut off a corner without touching the contacts). Its dimensions are 12.3 × 8.8. It is quite difficult to measure with such accuracy. It's okay if you go half a millimeter wrong. Nano-sims are thinner than usual. Therefore, you will need a nail file or sandpaper to erase the plastic layer.

We will provide you with all the necessary information, and we will arrange delivery of a new batch. Delivery and delivery of items that can be delivered by one person are included in the standard delivery. During the premiere, we were able to verify that the intelligence collected was very accurate.

Brilliant device for ordinary people.

And yet what we saw on stage made us look amazing. Only at the very top of the screen is a small inset. It is equipped with a video camera and a variety of different sensors. therefore new phone controlled by gestures. For example, scrolling your finger from the bottom up, a list of enabled gadgets opens, and you can switch from one application to another. Do not miss the fingerprint reader! Using a video camera and sensors, she creates a three-dimensional model of the phone-host, which is constantly updated to monitor the appearance of changes.

Here's how to cut a sim card on the iPhone:

  1. Put it on the table so that the chip is on the top right.
  2. On the right, top and bottom, cut off all the plastic. Before this, draw the lines on which you are going to cut, and mark from which side a corner. Take care not to accidentally damage the chip.
  3. On the left, leave 1–2 mm of plastic.
  4. Cut the corner carefully.
  5. Use a file to remove a layer of plastic on the card so that it becomes thinner. Do not scratch the chip.

It’s not so difficult to figure out how to get a SIM card from iPhone and insert it back. Worse, if the SIM does not fit. Then you have to cut it. Or purchase a new one.

Who used the iPhone, he knows that in these devices the SIM card is not the same as in other mobiles - under the back cover and battery, and in a special slider, which is hidden in the side panel of the phone. At first it may be unusual, but on the other hand, this design is due to the fact that the entire body of the iPhone is solid, it cannot be disassembled by itself. Therefore, in this article we will discuss how to get and insert the SIM card correctly.

How to get a sim card from iphone 4?

So, the mechanism by which you can get a SIM card from a smartphone, is designed in such a way that you must first insert a special key that comes in the kit. You need to push it into the hole, which can be found on the side of the “iPhone” 4. As a result, you will see that the slider in which the card is located will act a few millimeters above the surface. Next you just need to hook it with your nails or some thin object and pull it out. Inside you will see a sim card. You can easily remove it using the slot in the card tray that is below. It is enough just to pry the sim card, and it will fall out on its own.

What to do if the key is lost?

The key with which the card goes is made in the form of a needle with a handle, for which it must be kept. Due to the fact that he is miniaturized, it is very easy to lose him. As a result, you may be interested in the question of how to get a SIM card from “iPhone” 4 without a key.

We note immediately that you should not get lost, because it can be done with any other thin object, including a toothpick or a needle. However, using the latter, you should be extremely careful - the tip can damage the mechanism from the inside, after which it will be difficult to get the card. It is not necessary to push the needle with force, immersing it in the hole - a little effort is enough, and everything will work out.

It is not necessary to push the needle with force, immersing it in the hole - a little effort is enough, and everything will work out

Even better, if you want to know how to get a SIM card from “iPhone” with a 4-needle, we advise you to ask a friend who has experience with this to do it for you. Then you can simply repeat all his actions and remove the SIM card from the smartphone without the risk of damaging your iPhone. However, such procedures as getting a card should not be carried out very often, so the need for them is rather one-time. To know how it is done, you must in any case.

What should be a sim card?

Do not forget that before you get a SIM card from the "iPhone" 4, you must also specify its size. As you know, there are three formats in which SIM cards are offered: classic, microSIM and nanoSIM. If you have an iPhone 4, then you need a micro format, and if your device belongs to the 5th generation, then only nano is suitable. Thus, when you buy a starter pack, ask the seller to immediately cut your card to the desired size, if this has not already been done. Self-trimming a sim card at home is quite difficult: there is a risk of damaging the card.

What can not be done?

So, now about what to do categorically it is impossible, if you do not know how to get a SIM card from “iPhone” 4. First you need to carefully handle the item that you will try to replace the key with. Since its ending can be acute, you should not push it too hard so as not to cause damage. Also, do not overly apply force, so as not to break the key itself (or what replaces it). If something remains in the hole, it will be difficult to clean it further and remove the card from the phone.

In addition, you need to carefully behave with the slider itself, placing a map there. So, first you need to place the SIM card itself in the correct position. After that, making sure that everything is in order, you can close it by placing the card inside the case. In order for the phone to see the card, you must reboot.

What to do if the key is lost?
How to get a sim card from iphone 4?
What to do if the key is lost?
What should be a sim card?
What can not be done?
What to do if the key is lost?
And what are the specific conditions of specific operators?
But did it make any sense or just a complication?
Does the operator change or reduce it?
Is it possible to return to standard sizes?