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200 followers instagram

Опубликовано: 06.11.2020

200 followers instagram

“ My product is too boring to be featured on Instagram, ” is the misconception of many. In order to keep an interesting blog with high-quality visual content, you don't have to be an expensive restaurant or a famous boutique with a big budget, more 200 followers instagram. Instagram is a large lively community that brings together artists of all stripes: from the housewife, the knitting hat, to Chanel and Bentley. Each account is unique in its own way, and the content is based on the specifics of the brand's activities. Experiment!

An example of a "boring" product from (@) happysocksofficial: https://goo.gl/9RtKZ3

Do not separate online and offline activities. Publish information about upcoming promotions in your brand account, place codes and "secret words" that will give customers a discount on purchases in your store or a single coupon for breakfast in your cafe, for example. After breakfast, invite the client to write a review in his account and mention you via (@).

Interesting examples of stocks of stores (@) kixbox and (@) labirintru:

Try to keep the number of overlaid marketing text images to a minimum, because they'll look alien in your feed even if you come up with an interesting design. Notify only about the most important events and do not turn the feed into a bulletin board. Also, do not fit all the conditions of the promotion into a 610x610 square, making the font unreadable. Leave all the necessary information in the comments under the photo. There it can be conveniently structured.

Currently, the Network is replete with offers from craftsmen of different tailoring, promising a single individual or company to "spin up" an Instagram account. All actions of such specialists are based on three "whales": the number of likes, the number of subscribers and the number of comments to publications, see the website 200 followers instagram. True, not all supposedly pros clarify: after Instagram acquired a so-called smart feed, it is not always that a "trio" of likes-comments-followers will become the key to the success of an account. Moreover, as a rule, they, on the contrary, pull the account down, harming the promotion process. And the reason for this is taking into account not so much the quantity as the "quality" of the above-mentioned "trinity". Only "live" users are held in high esteem by Instagram - real people who sincerely like this or that profile.

"Live" account with high activity

On the surface, it seems that the problem is far-fetched: ask whoever - everyone has their own account, where a person diligently posts moments from life, accompanying them with, in his opinion, adequate signatures and hashtags. But dispassionate statistics have a different opinion: out of more than 400 million Instagram accounts, over 8 percent are fake, and another 30% are inactive (they often do not have a photo, an avatar, a filled profile header, they are created with the aim of “ looking at others” or not at all. the most decent deeds). In total, we get over 150 million user accounts, the "favor" from which in the form of a like, a subscription or a comment will only harm the promotion.